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“HAVE Architects” is a Bulgarian architectural bureau founded in Sofia. Since its establishment, the company strives to be at the top of the world’s leading practices, regulations and trends. “HAVE Architects” offers wide range of services in the architectural and urban-living design. The company work is aimed at offering buildings, which are based on extensive research, variant analyses and informed decisions during the design process.


The mission of “HAVE Architects” is to break through stereotypes of Bulgarian architecture with a fresh and different approach, expressed in simple, but strong and powerful forms. Project management, loyalty and innovation – these are the main values, which everybody in the company has.


because good planning and managing responsibilities during the project are the most valuable thing in every kind of a building – no matter if it is a small house or the tallest skyscraper.


because clients are won thanks to retaining consistently high quality and unconditional adherence to ethical business practices.


because architecture must be in line with global trends in sustainability, in environmental protection and in providing better living conditions for the people.


The work of “HAVE Architects” contents wide range of design activities such as urban planning, architecture, interior and product design. Architects and engineers both rule the process of design – from research and sketches to developing technical details and building permit procedures. You can trust us for:

  • preliminary research and technical survey
  • urban planning
  • development of concepts and technical projects
  • supervision of the construction works
  • sustainable design and energy efficient modelling
  • interior and product design
  • architectural visualizations
  • consultation for land plots for a new development
  • advertising and urban design concepts
  • preparation of advertising projects
  • participating in competitions and experimental projects
  • BIM consulting and design process optimization