Project Description



This project is developed as a part of Sofia’s candidacy for an European Capital of Culture in 2019. The building of Kosta Balabanov has ornated facades which combine the essence and the style of the Baroque architecture. The authenticity of the construction is well preserved, as the materials of the exterior contribute to it – smooth plaster, stucco relief, a molding items and wooden windows. The construction system is massive and typical for that time- bearing brick walls. Prussian vault, intercommunication wood beams reinforced with metal rails, parade and service stairs made from stone. In our design solution all current offices are removed so that the building will have just one function – an urban multimedia and art center. The steel sculpture, which is the main focus of the interior is the symbol of the refraction of a historic building in light of the modern society. The sculpture goes through all floors and is the embodiment of all historical times – thus leaving a trace in history. The building’s purpose is to become a living laboratory in which people can experiment and develop their skills inspired on a combination of old and new captured throughout the building. It has a library, place for drawing and recreating, rooftop café.

Location: Sofia

Year of design: 2013

Category: Multifunctional

Built area: 2230 m²