Project Description



The research on Ghent’s “Wondelgem-Rabot” street neighborhood aims to determine some of the most pressing issues of Belgian urban design, namely, the high city densities and overbuilding. The project also embraces rethinking of the automobile traffic in the area and the provision of enough parking lots for all residents. One of the proposed solutions is a regulation of the transit car flow and prioritizing the public transport and bicycles. Main accent on the project was to develop a sustainable strategy for “Wondelgem“ neighborhood. For this purpose a few things were  needed – more space for extension of the houses, more sunlight and installations for using it back as energy (for hot water and passive heating), water cleaning tanks and developing green areas for social contacts of the residents. For the realization of the stated aim, a re-use of the materials is vital, because no carbon emissions will be created. Part of the materials will come from the disassemble of some inner extensions in “Wondelgem” – garages, rooms and storages. As an additional effect of the project, the green inner yard will promote healthier community, as well people will interact more with  each other.

Location: Ghent

Year of design: 2015

Category: Urban planning

Built area: 7600 m²