Project Description



To inspire – this is the purpose of the design of this family house. The project is animated by the simplicity of the Scandinavian architecture with its clear and articulate shapes. With the development of new energy efficient materials, the use of large windows has become a way more feasible without having massive loss of heat. Each room has lots of light that contributes to the comfort of the house and strengthens the link between humans and nature. On the ground floor, there are the main rooms, which are divided into two big groups – Day and Night. Group “Day” consists of one large room with a kitchen, dining room and seating area. Parallel to them, is the second part of the house, which is separated by a sliding door. This portion of the house contains two bedrooms, a large bathroom and a smaller one with a shower. There is also a half level situated above the bedrooms called the “entertainment” corner with a screen for watching movies and a small workplace. Above this corner and the living area, there are large skylights, which let the natural sunlight in.  The construction of the house is completely wooden and it is situated along the North-South axis to ensure an east-facing direction for the bedrooms and west-facing one for the living room.

Location: St. Konstantin

Year of design: 2014

Category: Residential

Built area: 280 m²